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Vegetating Image:

Da Chun Xiang Ji1  2018-ongoing


OBJECT. Started at ECT 12:00, Thursday March 8 2018. Located at the wood workshop of Van Eyck, Academieplein 1, Maastricht, the Nederlands. Object dimension: camera 710 x 64 x 45 mm; wooden shelf 722 x 145 x 100 mm.



A camera with ten pinholes each letting in just that little bit more or less light than the one the right to it. Behind all ten the single negative film strip. The result is that the first aperture on the left may need only few days to produce an image with correct exposure, until afterward becoming over-exposed. The last may need more than fifty years. The camera will remain fastened at this location and angle until time and light decide. All the while the image with the correct exposure moves invisibly across the strip of film as time passes. The project stops when the camera is moved, or if the space is destroyed.



1.Da Chun (大椿), a name of a huge toon tree. '... in the remote ages there was a huge toon tree, for which each spring lasted 8,000 years, each autumn lasted 8,000 years...', Zhuang Zhou.

Xiang Ji (相機), 相xiang, originally means to examine, to look. Formed from 目, “eye”, and 木, “wood” or “tree”. For appraising ability, engineers use wood, must consider the suitability by looking carefully at its length, bending, yinyang, stiffness. 機ji, originally means a kind of trigger on a crossbow. Formed from 木, “wood” , and 幾, mean “the signs of the starting of some thing”. In ancient usage, 相機, especially in word 相機行事 xiangji xingshi, means “to act as circumstances dictate”, or “watch and wait, and then act when the time is opportune”. Today, when 相and 機 meet each other, it means “photo apparatus”.