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Sun Project:

Gaze at the Sun  2015


How do we see a thing as it truly is? Isn't that always, we are only able to look at things with its shadows, the shadows which from external and continually projected on our retina inner deep of our eye? By imitate structure of the eye, we invented camera and, by install film inside, a container of shadows, we take in and froze the looks of things and store shapes of light; Through this container, constantly, we look at and put our gaze on everything. But having said that, shadows is shadows. To ask what behind and creates the shadow, I choose to trace upon to the sun, the thing what causes shadows and brings visibility of all the entity, the thing what we are never able to gaze straightly. Under scorching sun, I set up camera towards the sun to instead of to see with my eye, I started to expose to sun with hundreds of a second shutter speed, then a black circle, such as a shadow of sun, appeared on the final negative. Straight after that, I increased the exposure time step by step, let the camera gaze on sun with longer and longer time. Just till few seconds, but long enough as it could never be albe to bear by our own naked eye, the accumulated amount of light reached tipping point and turned its state qualitatively and transformed to pure heat energy. Over its ability, the film was destroyed when true sun was approaching to be emerged on it. Through this clearing of scratch of sun light, the light-being is gradually overflowing, within it, we might glimpse the real looks of things.


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